Detroit Bankruptcy Lawyers: What Do I Need to File Bankruptcy in Detroit?

Your bankruptcy case start with filing a petition for bankruptcy. In this petition, you must list everything you owe and everything you own. In addition, you must disclose how much you earn and how much you spend each month in living expenses. In order for your attorney to complete your petition, certain documents must be submitted to your attorney. They include: -Six months of pay stub; -Six months of bank statements for each account you have; -All recorded mortgages on your home; -The deed for your home; -Title to your car; -The loan documents on your car; -The last two years of your Federal and State tax returns; -Copies of all credit card statements, loan statements, medical bills, and collection notices (anything that states you owe money); -Pension/401 (k)/IRA statements; -Any brokerage statements; and -A certificate of Credit Counseling from an accredited agency. There may be additional documents needed, depending on your circumstances. Your Detroit Bankruptcy Attorney will advise you if additional documents are needed.

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