Detroit Bankruptcy Lawyer: How Much Do You Charge For A Chapter 7?

             Of all the questions I get asked on a daily basis, this is the last question anyone should be asking of their bankruptcy attorney. It’s the same as asking me how much to paint your house, when I have never seen you house. Bankruptcy is very complicated and very technical and if done right, it can get you a fresh financial start in life. If done wrong, then you can lose your assets and defeat the purpose of bankruptcy.        Your Detroit Bankruptcy Lawyer provides a service, and shopping for a bankruptcy lawyer is very different than price shopping for a DVD player. Here is why. When someone asks me this question, I can’t quote you a price because I may not even know if you are even eligible for a Chapter 7.  Many questions are going through my mind, like is there a presumption of abuse with the Means Test? This question is the same as asking your doctor, “my head hurts, how much do you charge for brain surgery?” Also, each case is unique. When you first call, I have no idea about your case. Every case has different creditors, different assets, and different protections. If I were to treat every case the same, then I am not doing my job in protecting your rights. We are dealing with bankruptcy, not making cookies. So why would you want a cheap cookie cutter attorney?      I understand you are stressing out and fearful of losing everything you worked hard for. That is why I can’t treat every case the same, thus I can’t give you a price over the phone without meeting you first. You might think, “I have a simple case”. Any bankruptcy attorney will tell you there is no such thing as a simple case. You are in debt and it is crushing you. Do you really think it is simple? Would you want me to really treat your case as “simple”? I treat every case on an individual basis. I will give you the attention your case deserves and I will answer questions you have that are special to your case. I remember my criminal procedure professor explaining what “minor surgery” is. Minor surgery is the surgery other people have. Don’t sell yourself short by thinking you have a “simple case”.       But bankruptcy is just filling out a bunch of forms, so why can’t you give me a price over the phone? Bankruptcy is much more than filling out forms. That is what bankruptcy petition preparers do, and they are not trained in substantive bankruptcy law. I am a trained bankruptcy lawyer who can analyze your situation and determine the correct course to take. I will advise you: 1) if bankruptcy is an option; 2) what chapter to file under; 3) When to file.      This is all part of the service a bankruptcy lawyer will provide to you. Remember what you are trying to accomplish. You are trying to eliminate your debt and eliminate the stress in your life. If you need to get rid of $100,000 of debt, are you really being served by the cheapest lawyer in town? If they are the cheapest, will they really be responsive to your needs? You will get what you pay for. You are running the risk of not getting a discharge of your debt, and maybe losing some assets that may have been otherwise protected by an attorney who devotes the time to your case.         If you are thinking about bankruptcy, you need to treat this as a very serious situation (which it is) and not go around town shopping. You are trying to get out of debt, not buy a toaster. I offer a free, no obligation consultation. I will analyze your situation and let you know what I can do to help. This consultation will cost you nothing but an hour of your time to meet with me. You will get your questions answered, including what it will cost to file. You wouldn’t buy a house or car without looking at them first, so treat your bankruptcy lawyer the same way. We are just as important.       Call your Detroit Bankruptcy Lawyer today at (586) 439-4297, Extension 0, and set up your free consultation. Get the straight facts on bankruptcy. 
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