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Detroit Bankruptcy Lawyers: Will Anyone Know I Filed For Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy filing is a public record, but no one will really know if you filed for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Detroit Bankruptcy Lawyers: Will I Receive A 1099-C For My Discharged Debt In Bankruptcy?

Attorney Kevin C. Johnson discusses whether you will receive a 1099-C from your creditors if you file bankruptcy.

Detroit Bankruptcy Lawyer-How Long Will My Chapter 7 Take?

     I get asked this many times and it is a very good question. Simply stated, it will be quicker than you think. In the Eastern District of Michigan, Detroit Division the time it takes to complete your Chapter 7 is about 3-4 months.      Here is the breakdown. The process starts when…

Detroit Bankruptcy Lawyers: The Christmas Season is Upon Us, So is Massive Credit Card Debt.

Christmas is a time for family, charitable giving, goodwill towards all, and gift giving. It is also a time when we can forget the troubles in our lives and enjoy one night of happiness. We will watch the glow of happiness of children as they open their gifts and watch the smiles of our loved ones as we enjoy the company of the ones we love.