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Detroit Bankruptcy Lawyer: Can I Protect My Child’s College Savings Plan in Bankruptcy?

Saving for college is tough, especially if you don’t want to burden your child’s future with student loans. Most parents are looking to the Michigan Education Savings Plan (MESP) (also know as a Section 529 Qualified Plan) to help their children get a college education.

Detroit Bankruptcy Lawyers: Will I Lose My Retirement Accounts If I File Bankruptcy?

Retirement assets are protected in Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Don’t cash them in to pay your creditors.

Detroit Bankruptcy Lawyer-How Long Will My Chapter 7 Take?

     I get asked this many times and it is a very good question. Simply stated, it will be quicker than you think. In the Eastern District of Michigan, Detroit Division the time it takes to complete your Chapter 7 is about 3-4 months.      Here is the breakdown. The process starts when…